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Updated: May 24, 2022

Cliront ~

Good morning! The heart of struggle is the means by which you are moved along the road right now. Many things are combining to make your struggle one that has all things bright and beautiful within it for you. And you are right – you are NOT alone. Many of us are here to go through this journey with you, watching your every step and supporting you in times of weakness. We are with you always and know you are not alone.

Some are yet again dealing with their inner monsters, unable to find a comfortable way out. Yet, they are also greatly supported and not alone. This help they are being given is sometimes accepted, sometimes not.

Their inner demons seem to be winning, but the journey is not complete yet.

The lessons all are learning are deep and within their souls. Yes, they are stripped of all outer power which is necessary for the process to be accomplished. However, many are very strong and stubborn and will fight until the end. What will be ultimately accomplished through this remains to be seen, but purpose and perspective are working out through them.

Sometimes a parting of the ways is necessary for you.

For your own individual growth and development.

Continue to pray and hold everyone with loving thoughts.

They will eventually be grateful.

Allow them to travel this path alone. They have lessons to learn of which you know not and cannot help with. This is an epic journey. Their destiny to follow. And the end is unknown.

Stay focused on your own vision. The new life opening up before you. It is yours; it is rich with blessings for you and those you will meet along the way.

You are loved.

Photo by Georgie ~ "Mediterranean Sky"

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