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Updated: May 24, 2022

Cliront ~

Life is but a drop in the pool of everlasting existence. Come; listen to the voice of truth. Little do you know the things that lie before you today? Each day does your Maker pour out a blessing upon you. Step into each day with sacred holiness to live to the fullest.

Today you fortify yourself and surround yourself with Spiritual coverings that protect you from the energies of the world that cause you pain. Smile the loving smile of gentleness to those who would drain your energy and leave you empty. Stay connected to the spiritual energy that brings you peacefulness and contentment.

You are content within yourself. Complete.

Step out encapsulated by the living energy of He who loves you, and you will be safe, unharmed, and return in peace.

Photo by Georgie ~ "Pansies in the Window"

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