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Self Confidence

Updated: May 24, 2022

Cliront ~

My purpose is here for you in any way you need me. Although I know you have the inner strength you are now desiring – I am happy to help your awareness of it come more into focus for you. You already have the inner strength you desire – you have only to claim it as yours and move forward with its guidance. God is always guiding, leading, nudging, and whispering to you along the way.

Your own self-awareness has just been clouded by your fears and your pain. But the fears and the pain are clearing now, and you are ready to accept your own inner radiance.

Don’t resist, don’t fall back into the trap of feeling weak or powerless. You are NOT that! You are a radiant child of the living God, with miracles to perceive all around you.

Just accept this truth and see how God directs and illumines your path. Walk securely in the knowledge that your steps are sure and your path is laid before you with only your best in mind. Do not doubt but trust that each and every experience you have comes directly from the hand of God, to bring about your perfect and complete revelation. God loves you, and you are safe and secure. And I am always with you.

When you meet various challenges and bumps in the road, simply ask me to bring this awareness back to your soul. I will always be there to do that for you. But you must ask me for help. And I will give it to you gladly and generously. You are never alone.

We are with you along this journey of your soul, loving and supporting every step. You are never alone. Know that, and you will be strong and free and walk confidently in your life’s work.

I remain always with you.

Photo by Georgie ~ "Volterra"

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