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Updated: May 24, 2022

Cliront ~

Money is but the expression of our inner confidence and feeling of worthiness in the outer realm. As your inner worthiness plummets, you feel bankrupt or even worse, indebted. And that is then made concrete in the real world.

Now, look at that feeling of unworthiness. That feeling of being less than, no even going into the ‘hole'. Are you not worth much more than that? Are you not more precious than the birds of the air, who God takes care of without boundaries?

The arena you find yourself in can be a harsh one. It was meant to strengthen you, not to destroy you. You have retreated now and are left with the ‘hole'. What do you do now?

Embrace the gifts you have been given. Offer them out into the world and trust that the God that provides for the birds of the air and the lilies of the field will not leave you bankrupt!

As you feel this heavy burden of fear and lack, I am at your side to provide support and love. You are never alone and always held.

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