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Joy - where is it?

Updated: May 24, 2022

Cliront ~

Your joy lies deeply within, ever with you. Silently holding all of you together. Ever being, softly floating within your depths. It is within - always. It is simmering in your deepest parts.

So the question is not ‘Where is my joy? Why can’t I find it?’ But more so, ‘How can I access my joy? How can I reach it and allow it to blossom and flourish? How can I make way for it to emerge?’

Through prayer. Through opening to God – within your heart of hearts – your soul of souls. Allowing. Opening. See it there? The tiniest flicker in your heart? And let it have its way with you.

Let it, allow it, to grow and blaze up within – expanding and filling you with the most beautiful knowledge of the truth of being.

Fullness in the deepest parts of yourself. The heart filling with truth, love, receiving grace upon grace.

Knowing you are loved.

Photo by Sophie Frabotta - "Claire's Meditation"

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