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Ash Wednesday

As I receive the ashes on my forehead this day,

help me to remember who I am, and who You are.

May I remember that You have formed me out of dust,

and knit me together in my mother’s womb.

Help me to know that I am held in the palm of Your hand,

and never alone in my life or my death.

As I enter this Lenten season, help me to stop each day,

and see Your beauty around me.

May I remember to open my heart to you, and to those around me,

and know that I am part of your family on earth.

Help me to know that I will live on with You forever,

even until the end of the age as I know it.

Come to me this Ash Wednesday,

and hear my prayer.

May I reach out and up for Your wisdom, Your guidance,

and may I always walk in the way of truth.

Help me to deepen my understanding of You,

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