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Updated: May 24, 2022

(Another outburst of deep anger and resentment. How I abhor having to admit that I am feeling resentment. I know the poison that it presents and how it moves through my system making me sicker and sicker. And yet I have felt it still. Anger, resentment, frustration, boil within until the lid pops off and out it spills. How frustrating it is to know of the inner work I am doing and yet still have this deep reservoir inside.

How can I deal completely with it and rid myself of it?)

Painting by Georgie - "SplishSplash"


Good morning! I see you in every pleasant and unpleasant situation you encounter. Nothing is lost on me. It is all part of your ever-enfolding, expanding consciousness leading you deeper and deeper into your soul. Don’t allow these thoughts of distress to abort you – don’t allow them to encompass your reality. They are but formless bits of leftover pieces of an experience gone awry.

As you allow their expression – let them go – drift away. Do not spend much time looking at them, analyzing their significance, but know they are your deepest feeling and allow them the opportunity to make themselves known and then move on. Do not attach to them, they don’t deserve, or need too much attention. But simply to be felt, acknowledged, and allowed to pass away. They are truly ‘dead thoughts’ trying to be resurrected. And grabbing at every opportunity to puff up and express their strength and intensity. It’s okay for them to do that, allow and let go. No resistance.

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