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Updated: May 24, 2022

Cliront ~

Cultivate joyfulness. Cultivate health, happiness, and love. Whatever is pure…think about these things. Do not allow the poisonous thoughts of negativity to cloud your mind. Run freely in the open meadow of grace.

Allow the Sunshine within you to be your true reality. The sun is always shining inside. See it.

Bow to it. Honor it. It is your salvation.

Follow your urges – your leading. Time for a change? Yes! Time for a new direction? Yes!

Take baby steps at first, little by little, allowing the sun within to shine light on the next step. Step out of the darkness (without) into the light, brightness (within). Follow your heart’s desire. Pursuing the spiritual path. Follow it. Don’t be discouraged.

Photo by Georgie - "Hello Kitty"

It is your path. Your desire. Do not succumb to others’ doubts or criticisms. DO NOT! Follow the light that shines from within to take you to your own best destiny. It is yours and yours alone. Follow it. Let nothing deter you. You will find hope, peace, and the glowing center you so desire. There you will find your heart’s desire. Go forward and let nothing stop you!

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