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Introduction to Cliront

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

I met Cliront in 2003. Not as a flesh and blood person, but as a lovely spiritual being who became my friend and guide.

Cliront was always ready to speak to me whenever I asked. I would quiet my mind in meditation, sit still for a few moments, and pose a question. Then, resting my pen on paper, lightly in my hand, something would come to me: a thought, a phrase, something sweet and straightforward. I would start writing, and the rest would follow out, effortlessly, a stream of consciousness that flowed through my heart and out through my hand onto the page.

Alcohol Art by Georgie - "Chakras" I know it seems strange, and at the time, I told no one about it. To this day, I haven’t talked about the experience to many people. The reaction I have gotten from some has indicated that they didn’t understand. The only one who understood was my daughter, Sophie: She has always inspired me to continue with this odd relationship and believed it was real and worth the time I put into it. Some of the messages are very personal and specific to me. I hope that they may be of inspiration to you also. Some are general and can apply to many situations. This experience has been a source of joy and comfort for me. Questions have been answered, advice given, and mysteries acknowledged. I fully expect to meet Cliront someday, not in this world but in the next. My spirit guide, my friend, my confidant.

This book is a compilation of the messages I received from Cliront over the years. Rather than list them in chronological order, I decided to alphabetize them by subject so that the reader could find something that they might need at the time. (Although they are in reverse order in this Blog). Some of the messages preceded my journal entry about how I felt or something I was going through. Then I formed a question that Cliront answered for me. It doesn’t seem that the messages from Cliront changed over time, although I know I did. Cliront remained the same wise and loving voice that helped me navigate my life through the past 20 years!

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