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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Cliront ~

I am your friend, your guide, and your soul mate. Follow what I say, and life will go smoothly. So many challenges of Spirit face you now. You are moving forward, upward into the higher vibrations. Hold onto the lessons you have learned. Please do not turn your back on them. Light will draw you forward. Keep moving toward the light, and you will be healed.

Many bright and beautiful things are on their way to you. Don’t block them. Don’t discourage them. Let them come; let them flow. Embrace them. Embrace the good as it desires to embrace you.

Respect your circumstances. They are messages to you. Lessons sent to you from above. Always honor those things that come to you in life. Reach higher for their understanding. Allow their energy to penetrate through you. Don’t resist. Feel the experience fully.

Capitulation is essential now. Understanding will come later. Receive your good. Receive your blessing. We always remain together.

Photo by unknown ~ "San Francisco Friends"

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