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Updated: Apr 29, 2022

(Today, I have been feeling a heaviness in my lower stomach. Like I am full, I have overeaten. But I haven’t overeaten. So what is this heaviness in the first and second chakra? Do you have a message for me?)

Cliront ~

The heaviness is the weight of many burdens you are carrying there. In your reproductive organs, the site of your children’s entrance into this world. The heaviness of their pain and struggle. The heaviness of their father’s criticism and judgment. You needn’t hold all of the disturbance in your gut. Release it and let it go. It serves no purpose there. It only frustrates you and makes you feel bad.

They are grown now and have lives of their own. They have dealt with the stress of all of this venom. You no longer need to hold on to it. Release and let it go. And feel the light emptiness of the aging uterus and organs as they shrink in size and the work is over. You have done an excellent job bringing your children into the world. You have been a good mother, a good wife—no reason to hold onto the burdens of the past.

Release and let go.

The body is but the temple of your spirit here on earth. Allow the temple to be cleansed and righteous. No longer feel the need to carry your children, their issues, their struggles. They are capable and healthy. You are now free from those burdens to live your life with joy and release.

Allow healing to flow. You are healed. You are clean and light and empty now. The weight is gone, and you walk joyfully into the light.

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