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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Cliront ~

Happiness is an elusive butterfly chase, slipping always through your fingertips. Why? Why is it so hard to catch and keep the happiness you so desire?

The fleeting feeling of peace and satisfaction is foreign to your physical form. It is foreign and elusive. To reach that state and to stay there requires discipline and regular spiritual work. No longer can you just sit back and accept whatever emotions and inclinations that pass by, as your ultimate reality. You have moved into an era in your life where the work of happiness is a requirement, and the attainment of it a necessity.

Happiness in the later years is earned and realized through the deeper work of your soul. It is stepping into your belief system and residing there with intent. It is intentional. Allowing yourself to drift from one emotion to another without discipline, without intent, is to be an immature, unformed soul.

Choose to be happy. Choose the thoughts and emotions that lead you down that path of joy. You have a choice. You are not at the mercy of your rambling ego. Step forward into the happiness that is waiting for you; that you have created and are creating. You are deeply loved. And you are infinitely lovable. Be present in and through love and all will come to you.

Photo by Georgie - "Claire in a Box"

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