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A Crossing Point

It was the first day of school for her daughter, Sophie. September 6th in a new town, the first day of the first grade. Sophie hadn’t wanted to go to school at first, but then decided she did want to go, but for her Mommy to stay. Mommy couldn’t stay, wouldn’t stay, so the first day of first grade in a new town began with tears.

When she arrived to pick up Sophie, another mother was waiting eagerly at the door, looking for her daughter. Another first day of first grade in a new town. Only this one had not moved East from the West Coast but West from Europe. Two Mommies waiting together at their crossing point, outside the first-grade classroom in a small town in Central New Jersey.

A warm breeze was shuffling the leaves, not yet cool enough to signal fall but definitely lacking the heat of summer. Transition about to begin. A new meeting; a crossing point. The Mommies both new to this began to speak. From points East and West, a connection was made. Mommy to Mommy, woman to woman, friend to friend. A moment seemingly ordinary and without exceptional recognition would become in retrospect the crossing point that marked the expanding of each life. As differences rubbed against each other, as two opinions at times flowed as one only to turn and spark at non-agreement, as mutual need and respect began to build the foundation upon which all else would rest, a friendship was begun.

Colette's daughter, Chatty, had also begun the day in tears, so a bond had been forming on the daughters' level. A small thing to base a friendship on, but when you are new, as good as any. Mutual need can at times form the strongest of ties and lead to uncharted friendships.

Colette, younger than the Woman, full of intensity and sparkle. At times a maddening intensity difficult to keep up with. At other times invigoration. Never dull, only exhausting.

As Colette and the Woman began to get to know each other, to peel away the layers of personality, opinion, differences, similarities; something began to happen. Neither one was aware of it. A casual friendship, another person among many to get to know. But beneath the surface, way down deep, the crystallization of trust, respect, and love had begun.

Over the three years the two women lived in Central New Jersey, the bonds were formed. Husbands met and connected. Holidays were spent together. Visiting relatives and friends were introduced. Visits home, both East and West, were shared with a special empathy and understanding, as were the frustrations of a new town, new people, Northeastern ways. Not all was smooth though. There were misunderstandings and annoyances, hurt feelings and disappointments. But as in all crystalized friendships the connection endured.

Then within three years’ time they were thrown apart. Back to their respective distances. Colette to London, the Woman to Texas. Both caught off guard in places they detested. Looking for another match, another piece to fill the void., another friend. But each took with them the inner jewel of the friendship, the crystallization of their crossing point.

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