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Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Cliront ~

Your own sense of lack is meant to draw you to the Source of all-knowingness. Allow the healing to flow and comfort the wounded heart. Allow His peace to pour over you, healing, helping, comforting, soothing. He is only good, only love, only peace. He fills your soul with a radiant beauty that takes you through your days, shines from your face, and makes your life worthwhile. Trust Him, turn to Him, receive Him, and peace will come.

As you feel this heavy burden of fear and lack, I am at your side to provide support and love. You are never alone and always held.

These new twists and turns of money, fear and lack are here to teach you many things. About yourself, about your God, and about how the two are intertwined.

You move carefully along this path of filling up because it is not a worldly, linear journey but one that wraps around itself in many circles and always moves you forward. So as you begin this new journey, just know that. Your progress is sure but it may seem that you go back and forth, and it may not feel that you are moving forward. But you are. Always higher and closer to your ideal.

Do not put your trust in any worldly way of manifestation. But keep your trust centered on God, for that is where your true treasure is. It matters not what you do with worldly ventures, whether you sell or hold or buy, because that is not where your security is found. It is found in your most deep and inward turning to the Everlasting and knowing that is where you must truly abide. You are on the road now, learning to trust in a ‘whole’ new way and finding your new footing. Moving downward/upward to the Source of all life.

Photo by Georgie - "Mountain Point, Peru"

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