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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Cliront ~

Deep within you lies a reservoir of good, bad, hate, and love. It all lies deep within your etheric body. What has been tapped into? Hate. Fear. The hate and fear rise like flames from hell and cause all manner of pain and suffering.

The hate, the fear. Release them and let them go. Let the flames rise up and out of you into the universe where they will diminish and die. Release. Let go. Open to the healing power of one who loves you, who is always ready to heal and make new.

Healing is yours, just ask. And then protect yourself from the hate without. Many are fierce attackers. You mustn’t let their rage invade your body, allow it to pass through. Let it go. Let it move onto its natural dissolving. Release. Let go.

Your fears are but the basis for your inability to see your perfection in the Lord. Allow healing to flow into your heart and mind. Every time your devil flares up inside; turn to the source of all good and love, trusting all into His tender care. Love flows, energy ebbs. Thoughts come and go. Do not allow razor-sharp self-criticism to rule. Trust Him who is the source of all your supply to work miracles in every situation. Trust not yourself but bring every worry to His tender care. He is your only solution to each and every lack you feel. He fills you up.

Stand separate, within yourself, free and self-sufficient.

Photo by Georgie - "The Island of Ischia"

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