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In and of myself, I am.

Not just in the doing, the giving, the serving.

But just in the being.

I am enough.

To give, to love, to serve

Is not the only way to be of value.

Not the only way to be something or someone.

I am enough, just being.

I do not disappear when I am just being.

When I stop my constant thinking of others,

am I sill something of substance?

Am I enough to allow my being to have value?

If I think of myself and not others,

standing in my own truth and talent,

I have presence, meaning, and solidity.

I am enough, standing in my own space.

If my life becomes empty of the serving and the giving

Will I still exist, or will I evaporate into nothing?

Can I step into the foreground and be?

Can I be enough, just me, just now, just being?

How can I find that place of substance that I am?

Is it truly the me I find inside?

The gifts, and the talents are my own.

Whether they are shared with you or not.

I can find myself, without the need to be for others.

I can know that I am enough, just alone and with me.

And here with me, inside my very core

I am enough, just being me.

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