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Updated: Apr 29, 2022


The Son is shining on your children today and every day.

Do not let the errors and difficulties of your mind blur the shining light of perfection.

He is with you always even unto the ends of the earth.

Your child is a warrior at battle within and without.

Do not block the lessons as they come tumbling down.

See their perfection in all things and hold to their perfect solution appearing.

Support them with your loving thoughts and know that all is well.

Let your support be known – withdraw any means that would make you feel you need to control more than necessary.

Allow them to find their own way – their own means.

Let them struggle with it.

Believe in their innate ability to achieve their own desires.

Believe in them – but allow them to find their own path, their own way.

Allow them to stumble –

to fall down.

Allow them to succeed -

to achieve.

Allow them to make their own poor choices –

it is through these poor choices

that they will develop and further their souls.

Set them free!

Photo by Georgie - "Expressing True Nature"

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