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Updated: May 25, 2022

Fear, my constant companion

Always there, beneath the surface

Ready to grip me, paralyze me, terrify me

Where do I go from fear? It is inside.

The healing must come from within

The healing lies deep within

and without

A joint partnership with Spirit

Healing - what does it mean?

How does it happen?

From where does it come?

How do I manifest it?

Prayer - meditation - deep release

Allowing my spirit to receive Spirit

And become one with the Everlasting

Receiving waves of comfort, love, and calm

My own demon is my responsibility

My own inner struggle is enough for me

Stay focused on only healing

Possible to me. My healing

Lord - I ask for help in this

I ask for guidance on how to heal

I ask for peace

that passes understanding

Allow me to know the truth

The truth of you within me

The power of total surrender

And trust in your divine Truth

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